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Monday, August 1, 2016

LIBRARY (LBRY Coin): Publish your own stuff and potentially award you $1,000 in LBC.

Dear LBRYians,

In case you didn't know, y'all are HUGE! We now have more than 100,000 people on our beta waiting list. We thought it was high time to give you the inside scoop on a few updates (and offer you an opportunity to jump to the top of the waiting list).
First – publishing is about to go live very soon!

Register as user to Earn 5.0 LBC coin = 0.00352485 BTC

This is very exciting, because it's what LBRY is all about:
Becoming the best place in the world to connect content producers (Next Gen Youtube) directly to their paying audience.
This is also where you get that opportunity to jump the list. You can now apply to be a publishing partner on LBRY. If we really like the content you want to upload to LBRY, then we will move you to the front of the list and potentially award you $1,000 in LBC.
If you're not a content producer, please tell your friends who we are. We are looking for filmmakers, musicians, writers – anyone who produces quality original content and wants to cut out the middleman between them and their audience.

Now down to more basic housekeeping:
  1. Waiting List Management. Previously, we rewarded potential beta users for spreading the word about LBRY. Those who referred users to our waiting list were moved further towards the front of the line. Now we will factor in how long you have been on the waiting list. Your spot in our waiting list is now determined by the number of invited users that are credited to you + the number of weeks you have been on the list.
  2. International Support. We are temporarily pausing invitations to non-English speaking countries until we can do a more extensive international roll-out. Our team does not currently have the bandwidth to add non-English language support and features. (Trust us, we’re working on it.) This temporary measure is necessary to ensure everyone has a good experience on the LBRY protocol.
  3. More Invites Coming! When publish goes live, we'll be inviting another 2,000 people. It's not too late to get some more invites in over the weekend!
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