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Saturday, August 20, 2016

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What is Pocket Dice?
Pocket Dice is the first realistic Bitcoin dice game. One of the main original and unique features of our game is  a realistic design with lifelike dice. Pocket Dice abandoned the usual  concept of Bitcoin dice games and stripped it down to the comprehensive  level of a real life dice. The idea of realistic design made the initial rules easier  as well. User just have to choose his bet, over or under the one of the  numbers a person can get by throwing two dice, then choose his bet  amount and throw the dice. You can find more about our site on our official Bitcoin wiki page.
What is your "house edge" and what is it?
Our house edge is 1.9%. This is something that we earn on every bet. This percentage is "built-in" into payouts. It means that  without it, if you made an "over 11" bet (or "under 3") you'd get a 36X  payout, since the probability for such bet would be 1\36. And since we  take 1.9% from this payout it is 35.3X instead of 36X. | New dice experience | Free bitcoin faucet | Start Playing Now!


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