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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CureCoin (Cure), Similar to Bitcoin, Different Type of Ethical Crypto-Currency That Benefits Humanity.

Users can enjoy the profits of mining a crypto-currency, while contributing to vital medical research.

Which list many people are aware of Bitcoin the digital currency that requires complex computing calculations and excessive consumption of power to mine, most still haven’t heard of CureCoin @Cure @ FoldingCoin @ FLDC.

CureCoin, similar to Bitcoin, is a different type of ethical crypto-currency that benefits humanity.  It replaces the technical computations used in mining Bitcoin with a concept known as protein folding. Protein folding is a crucial procedure currently helping scientific researchers at Stanford University find cures for common, critical illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

CureCoin is linked to Stanford University’s Folding@home Program, which allows users to simulate protein behavior on their computers and provides data back to Stanford that helps the Scientific Community advance in medical research. The project is part of a large-scale distributed computing effort where everyday users can benefit from a worldwide study on protein folding research in the comfort of their homes.

Officially launched in May 2014, its appeal to potential miners is evident as thousands of users are already flocking to mine and trade in CureCoins.  Recently quoted in the Bitcoin Forum “Team CureCoin has folded so many proteins with Folding@home clients, we have climbed the ranks faster than any team in history…”

Important features of CureCoin that sets it apart from the rest:
  • Users can earn CureCoin profits by using either GPU/CPU computer power to study and fold proteins, which may eventually lead to finding cures and understanding Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and other diseases.
  • Similar to the concept of carbon offsets; CureCoin is valuable because it acts as a currency while allowing users to purchase tradable representations of medical research.
  • As the CureCoin network grows, the more medical research progresses therefore advancing the amount of medical study represented by each coin.
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