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Monday, August 1, 2016

Alternative Cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin

Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin is taking the world by storm - a new currency and payment method owned and controlled by the people using a decentralized peer to peer network. But although Bitcoin is the trailblazer and by far the most popular 'crypto currency', it is not the only one.

A wide range of other digital currencies have sprung up, each with their own unique features, ecosystems of shops and other businesses, and communities of users. These other currencies are often called 'alt coins' as they are seen as competing alternatives to Bitcoin. But for most people, they are not really and alternative to Bitcoin at all, but rather an addition. 

Most of the people who own these alt coins also own some Bitcoin, and probably several different alt coins as well. They like to support and use the innovative new features which these other coins bring to the table, and may enjoy being part of a coin's community of users, but deep down they are still Bitcoiners at heart.

This often leads to an awkward situation where people will need to have several different digital wallets to store their coins - one wallet at least for each of them. Some people may end up with dozens of different wallets cluttering up their computer or cluttering up their mind with lots o different passwords!

One solution to this problem is to set yourself up with a multi-currency wallet which you can use to store and use all of your coins from the same place. This makes life a lot easier if you can do it, although it does of course depend on whether or not the particular coins you are interested in are supported by the wallet in question.

Below are list of some of new multi-currency Bitcoin and alt coin wallets, along with a summary of their features and lists of the various different coins which they support.


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