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Friday, September 21, 2018

Long-term dividend allocation plan for CET holders (80% / 20%)


Dear CoinEx users:
During "Lock & Mine CET", CoinEx will release 1 MILLION CET on a daily basis. All users with enough locked CET in their CoinEx accounts will be qualified to share these CET, against the ratio = Your locked CET asset / Total circulating CET asset locked in CoinEx.
1. Privileges: Users with locked CET assets will have early access to the quota of Accelerator. Please refer to the official announcement for more details.
2. Qualification: Users with less than 10,000 CET are NOT qualified for the promotion.
4. Release time: 0:00 Oct 1st, 2018 (UTC).

[Execution of long-term dividend allocation plan for CET holders]

According to "Long-term dividend allocation plan for CET holders", CoinEx will start to execute the arrangements from 0:00 Oct 1st, 2018 (UTC). i.e.:
1. CET holders will continue to receive dividends after "Trade-driven mining" ends.
2. 80% of CoinEx's total revenue will be allocated to CET holders and the remaining 20% is kept for CoinEx development and daily operations.

[Dividend allocation]

1. 80% of CoinEx's total revenue will be used to repurchase CET from the secondary market and allocated to the qualified CET holders proportionately.
2. Dividend ratio: Your CET asset / Total circulating CET asset.
3. Dividend time: Once a month. The first long-term dividend will be allocated in early November.
4. If your CET holdings are on #CoinEx, we'll allocate the dividends directly to your accounts or otherwise, to your CET wallet addresses elsewhere; Unissued #CET are NOT qualified for dividend.


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